1pcs Toy Pneumatic Gyro Portable Fingertip Decompression Desktop Toy Wind Blowing Rotating Multicolor Gyro Children’s Gift


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• Portable and Handheld :Take this toy with you wherever you go. Its compact size makes it easy to carry around and play with on-the-go.


• Multicolor Design :The toy features a variety of colors that add to its visual appeal and make it more interesting to play with.


• Fingertip Decompression :The toy is designed to be used with your fingers, providing a unique way to relieve stress and anxiety.


• Pneumatic Gyro Mechanism :The toy’s pneumatic gyro mechanism creates a whirling motion that’s both fun and relaxing to watch.



Windblown toy top adult decompression toy, small in size, can be held by hand, suitable for various venues, this is the1 educational toy, suitable for inattention, autism, can effectively improve and help daily relieve stress and irritabilityA good way to improve attention. Suitable for children as a birthday gift



Operation play: Hand-held rotating or blowing from top to bottom.



Package included:

1× Transparent packaging (can play together with gyro)
1× wind-actuated gyro


1. the color is sent randomly
2. do not need to install the battery.
3. Children under the age of 3 should be used under guardianship.


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