7 Days Delivery 2/5KW 12V Air Diesel Heater All In One Car Heater LCD Thermostat Parking Heater For Truck Boat Trailer Motorhome

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all in one is 5KW and the other is 2KW

   This air-warmed heater is the second generation of upgraded products, which is an electrical control – a fan and pump-driven heating device. It uses diesel as fuel and air as a medium to operate.The use of fans to drive the rotation of the impeller to achieve diesel- combustion in the combustion chamber. The heat is then released through the metal shell and the metal shell exchanges heat with the flowing air without interruption due to the action of the external impeller. Finally achieve the heating of the entire space. It can be used as a window glass defrost, but also for the cab, studio, cabin thermal insulation services.

Scope of application:

   Small Truck, Big Truck, Light Truck, Heavy Truck, Pickup, Van,Bus,Car,SUV, Boat, Caravan, Forklift, Electric Tricycle, Engineering Vehicle, Yacht.


Fuel: diesel

Power: 5KW/5000W

Overheat protection:180°C

Size: 15.5* 39* 41.5cm

Fuel Gasoline:diesel

Maximum power consumption: 200W

Rated power consumption: 36W

Car Air Conditioning Type: Heating

Fuel consumption: 0.2 -0.4 liters per hour

Voltage: 12V(up and down in the range of ±2V)

Outlet pipe: 60mm

Intake pipe: 25mm

Exhaust pipe: 25mm

Fuel tank capacity: 10L

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