75KM/H Max Speed Electric Scooters Adults 2600W 52V Powerful Dual Motors E Scooter with 10” Tire Folding Patinete Elétrico

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About X700

* Lightning-Fast Speed – This machine has got a lot of power, It is a Fast little beast of the scooter. 2600W (1300W*2) high-power motor enables easy to reach 70M/H and accelerator is responsive enough. It can easily cope with 35-degree steep slopes.

* Large Capacity and High-Quality Lithium Battery – X700 with Battery 52V/20AH can travel up to 65KM per charge, and recharges full in as little as 9 hours, making it ideal for suburb and city use.

* Safe, Comfortable, and Style – The 10" thickened Heavy Duty Vacuum Off-Road Tires have high elasticity and wear resistance, have good adhesion and heat dissipation properties. Dual oil brakes & shock and a wider deck to stay balanced on and the thickened frame structure can load up to 150kg, making X700 more safe and comfortable. The scooter has dual ultra-bright front LED headlights, running boards with cool colorful LEDs.

* Easy to Put Together and Use Scene – Assembly X700 is stupid easy and took all of maybe 5 minutes. X700 is a folding design with a folding length of 112cm and can be placed in the trunk of most cars.


The simulation statistics above are for reference only. Different riders’ weight, speed mode, weather,

air resistance, road conditions, and incline grades are the variables and therefore there’ll be no specific

values for these different conditions.

The speed regulations vary in different areas and different countries. Please make sure that your speed

set on the scooter conforms to the local regulations regarding the speed limit.

Packing List

●1* Electric Scooter
●1* Power Charger(Comply with different national standards)
●1* Remote Control Key
●1* User Manual
●1* Tool
●1* CE certificate

* Seat is optional (if you need, please contact customer service)

Dual Motor, Dual Power

High Power motor 1300W*2 at peak to get your heart pumping, propelling you fast to reach 46mph (75km) with the stunning force. Mighty dual motors boost a top speed of 46 mph within only 3.9 seconds. Capable of ascending a 40% incline with ease thanks to the 45NM×2 from the powerful source.


20Ah Lithium Battery

A 20 ah battery enables JUESHUAI X700 to go the distance up to 43 miles (70km), optimized for high efficiency and performance.

Max. Speed up to 75KM/H

12 speed modes: Turbo/Eco button × Single/Dual motor × 3 gear modes

A touch of the button enables you to interchange different settings to achieve different purposes for riding. Pick the most suitable one for your trip!


10” Off-road Tires

Suitable for this complex street location. High-quality off-road pneumatic tires provide a better driving experience.

Dual Disc Brake+ EABS

When Braking, the brake lever is automatically powered off. Motor is buffered backwards, which greatly shortens the time, which greatly shortens the braking distance, safer

The front and rear double brake system allow you to better control the speed and drive safely. And it has ABS anti-lock brakes to avoid emergency braking and rollover.

9 Suspension

Front and rear are equipped with 5 spring shock absorbers. If you choose the equipped seat, you will get 9 shocks for the maximum comfort and great permanence. (seat is optional)

Display information

What information will be shown on the display?—Speed gear, speed, distance, battery power, usage time, and error.

By setting the display, we can:

1.change the speed unit (KM/H or MPH)
2.turn on/off cruise mode
3.limit the speed
4.choose zero/non-zero start mode
5.adjust EABS brake strength
6.adjust start acceleration


Multifunctional handlebar

Including LCD display with finger throttle, light switch, turn signal control, horn switch, speed limit button and single/dual drive switcher.

The Difference between 48v and 52v:
52V-X700: With tun light, speed limited button
48V-X700: changeable sidelights to get different colors

IP54 waterproof Grade

IP54 water resistance rating shields the scooter through splashes of water.

Anti-theft Alarm System

One-button remote control smart key. One button start, remote lock/unlock, loudly alarm.

Lights System

Angel Eyes LED Headlights + Right and Left Side + Rear Brake Lights +Turn Ligths

Note: as the headlamp is easy to be damaged during transportation, we put it in a separate box, which needs to be installed by yourself. Easy to operate, you can contact customer service if you have any questions.

Scooter Folding Method

As shown in Figure 2, find the silver buckle on the front of the car. First push the buckle forward, and then push the buckle backward while moving the front of the car up, and finally, the car body is folded. Rotate the ring sleeves at both ends of the handle to realize the folding of the handle.

Scooter Size

Handlebar and seat height can be adjusted. Suitable for people with a height of 150cm-200cm.

Feedback — Full 5 stars

A. If you are satisfied after receiving the package, please be sure to give us 5-star feedback. Send screenshots to customer service, we will give you an extra gift.

B. If you have any problem, please contact customer service first, we will try our best to solve your problem. If one star is fed back directly without communication, we will not provide geotechnical after-sales service. Thank you for your understanding.

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