Additional GPS X20 necklace (necklace charger)

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Unparalleled quality, price and handling.
Dogtrace’s X20 GPS locator offers fast, intuitive location and unmatched performance.
It is the easiest to handle and also offers better performance than the other locators.
  • Locate 1 to 9 dogs.

  • Maximum range 20 km.

  • Direct location screen of each dog using an arrow showing the exact direction and distance in which it is located.

  • Compass function: the display always shows the true north so that we are at all times well oriented.

  • BECADA function: let you know at all times if any dog is in sample. When a dog is in sample the receiver knob pita or vibrates.

  • FENCE function: allows us to mark a safety distance in relation to the command (maximum 2 km). If the dog passes this distance the command pita to let us know.

  • It allows you to adjust the communication interval between each necklace and the receiving controller. We can choose to have them communicate every 3, 6 or 9 seconds. This function is very interesting for the team to offer the best performance for both becada dogs and trail dogs.

  • Thanks to the unparalleled Dogtrace service, all components of the collar and command will be sold separately and can be easily changed by the user himself.

  • Knob and submersible necklaces.

  • Recharging time for necklaces and 3 hour receiver controller.

  • Collar and control charging connectors without plugs or slots that can cause mud problems.

  • Autonomy of necklaces from 40 to 50 hours

  • Interchangeable Strap necklaces that allow them to be identified by colors.

  • Collar very small. Dimensions: 77x45x29mm. Weight: 142g (without strap)

  • Additional necklaces are supplied with charger and fabric case for the strap.

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