Night Monocular Pard NV007S, digital night vision device, original brand Pard, infrared.

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The newMonocular Night Pard NV007SIt is the latest version released by the Pard signature of your 007 device, released in July. With a more compact and manageable design, they make it more comfortable to use manually or attach to a viewfinder, being shorter. A lotMore PowerfulWith moreReach. With a new Full-Hd sensor it makes the night image really sharp. Improved Software and a comfortable menu are its main features.

Two models to choose from:

With IR illuminator of 850nm: more powerful, up to 200 meters, but it can be something visible to certain animals.

With IR illuminator of 940nm: less powerful, up to 150 meters, but invisible to animals.


  • New model with OLED technology with better resolution.

  • Device menu is Spanish

  • Resolution 1024×768

  • 1080P HD full color daytime recording

  • Night recording 1080P HD.

  • Record in MP4 format directly on the internal Micro SD card (not included).

  • Compatible with OSX and Windows systems. Video sequences can also be played through the viewfinder.

  • Built-in 5 Watt IR Infrared illuminator with variable focus and three power configurations: high/medium/low.

  • Up to 8 hours running time (depending on the use of built-in IR).

  • Fits visor

  • Mount to viewer via adapter ring, in just a few seconds.

  • Lightweight design (256g)

  • Recoil to caliber. 308.

  • Powered by a single rechargeable battery

  • Digital zoom function. The increase in the size of the digital image allows you to maintain the optics of your reach with a lower increase and allow more light if needed.

  • Dioptria focusable

  • Built-in Wifi allows remote viewing and recording via phone or tablet using application (compatible with IOS and Android).

  • The standby mode turns off the screen to avoid in screen glow.

  • Adjustable brightness and exposure control to allow more detail during very low light conditions.

  • 16mm focusable lens.

  • Increases 1,5-6


  • 1 x Pard NV007A night vision device

  • 1 x ring mounting adapter with reduced rings for all measurements

  • 1 x rechargeable battery

  • 2 x allen key

  • 1 x USB data cable

  • 1 x protective case

  • 1 x instruction manual

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