Pre-sale VAT Inclusive EU Stock Smart Electric Scooter PFULUO X11 1000W Motor Skateboard 50km/h Max Speed 11 inch Off-road Tire

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EU stock just sold out! But we have a batch of PFULUO X11 (New) is on the way to EU warehouse. I guess it can reach EU warehouse in about 25-30days. If you want to make a preorder, you can buy it now. we will arrange the shipment according to the payment time one by one, once we have products ready to ship.
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VAT Inclusive EU Stock PFULUO X-11 Smart Electric Scooter 1000W Motor 11 inch Off-road Tire Skateboard 50km/h Max Speed

Product description

1. The overall molding frame design is sturdy and stable and the maximum load reaches 200kg.

2 .Back-buckled battery bunker and waterproof battery,normal riding in rainy days.

3. 1000w super high power motor with a top speed of 50km / h and a climbing angle of 30°

4. Double brake system, disc brake and E-ABS fully guarantee safety.

5. 11-inch explosion-proof vacuum tires fearless challenge all terrain.

6. Using a highly safe 18650-power lithium battery, large power supply and efficie acceleration, the scooter can take you up to 100km on a single charge.

Product parameter

Brand Name: PFULUO
Model Number: X-11
Foldable: YES
Tire Size: 11 inch
Controller: Brushless controller
Motor power: 1000W
Brake form: electronic brake,disc brake
Minimum load : 100 KG
Max load: 200KG
Max speed : 50KM/H(release speed limit)
Max Climbing Angle: 30°
Terrain clearance : 20cm
Range of tires: Tubeless tire
Battery type: 48V 15Ah 20Ah 25Ah
Range Per Charge: 50-55KM , 75-85KM, 85-100KM
Charger Voltage : 110V-240V 50-60HZ
Charging Time: 4-6h,6-8H
Voltage: 48v
Working Temperature: -10℃-40℃
N.W : 25KG


Fearless challenge all terrain

1000W Brushless DC Motor

1000W super-strong magnet motor compared with 500W motor,has a 40% increase in speed and 80% increase in torque.It works with NK control system and battery intelligent motherboard with a maximum climbing angle of 30°.



With the highly safe 18650 power lithium battery,large power supply and efficient acceleration,the scooter can take you up to 100km on a single charge.

3 Speed adjustable and max speed 50km/h

Equipped with a 3-speed adjustment system to support different driving speeds under different road conditions.
To ensure your driving pleasure, our fastest speed is 50km/h.

Integrated molding frame desing

The integral frame ensures stability and safety at speeds of 50km/h and loads of 200kg.

Telescopic structure, height adjustable

Adjust the telescopic buckle and press the handlebar to adjust the height.

Back-buckled battery bunker+waterproof battery

Waterproof design, normal riding in rainy days

Back-buckled battery bunker in used to ensure that rain does not enter the battery compartment. Battery with a waterproof shell, double protection to ensure normal riding in rainy days.

11 inch Explosion-proof vacuum tire

Chassis Height 20cm

Safely adapt to various road conditions

Double brake system


Featuring front and rear disc brakes and E-ABS regenerative anti-lock braking system for efficient response braking.

Front and rear light

An ultra-bright headlight for added safety when night riding. Red tail lights as a warning to pedestrians and other vehicles on the road.

Front hydraulic damper + Rear spring damper

Authoritative quality inspection qualified

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