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Q:Why the phone push is delay?
A:The phone push delay or no,Depends on your network.

Please keep charging for more than 10hours when using the battery for the first time!

Only need this wifi doorbell can help you solve these problems

Full HD video doorbell with enhanced features that let you see, hear, and speak to anyone from your phone, tablet.

Your wifi doorbell is very easy installation

The screw installation to avoid theft and make the doorbell safer

Your wifi doorbell can work with your chime, and remote access

Receive mobile notifications when anyone presses your doorbell

160 °Wide View Angle Full HD Night Vision

With 6 sensitive infrared lights, protect your home . HD resolution and 160 ° wide view angle,let you see clearer and wider.

Human Detection & Instant Message Alerts

Wireless doorbell is equipped with PIR motion and human detection sensors. Instant message alerts will be pushed to your mobile device when someone passes by your door and triggers the human detection sensor

Ultra-low Power Consumption

Lower power consumption and Ultra-long Standby Time -This wifi doorbell adopt 2 piece 18650 batteries,and Adopt ultra low power technology.

Support Cloud Storage & SD Card Storage

Help you record the detecting envents and the video to the cloud servers.Free use for 30 days,after 30 days you will be charged if you need to continue using.

Two Way Audio

Built-in microphone and speaker allows for real-time 2-way talk and enables you to see, hear and speak with visitors from your mobile phone, tablet, wherever you are, no matter you are engaged in working or jogging in the park, you can keep an eye on your door and remote control it on your APP

Your doorbell camera just support use 2.4Ghz wifi network

PS: not support 5Ghz or 2Ghz wifi network

Multi-user View the same time

Your doorbell products can be shared with your family for real-time or remote online viewing

How do you use battery or sd card ?

WIFI Doorbell Option

Option 1 = 1pcs WIFI Doorbell + 2pcs 18650 batteries + 1pcs Chime
Option 2 = 1pcs WIFI Doorbell + 2pcs 18650 batteries + 1pcs Chime + 1pcs 64GB
Option 3 = 1pcs WIFI Doorbell + 2pcs 18650 batteries + 2pcs Chime
Option 4 = 1pcs WIFI Doorbell + 2pcs 18650 batteries + 2pcs Chime + 1pcs 64GB


1.Please keep charging for more than 10 hours when using the battery for the first time! 2.When you buy battery by yourself,please choose the raised one in the picture below! 3.You need use 2pcs 2600mAh convex battery , size is 18x65mm,3.7V

Analysis of the doorbell

Mini WIFI HD Video Doorbell

What’s in the box?

Please note: if you need TF card , please choose xTF card option.
How do you connection your wifi doorbell?
Video doorbell camera not support 5G or 2G wifi network !!


-Wireless connection, ultra-low power, remote active wake up, quick start

-Visitors can make video and audio calls and make short-term video recordings.

-Motion detection recording, doorbell button trigger recording, manual recording.

-Doorbell button wakes up, PIR human body detects awakening. -Dual filter automatic switching, high power infrared light, night vision 10 meters.

-Wake-up mode: doorbell button wakes up, PIR human body detects awakening, mobile phone wakes up



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