TMEZON TUYA APP Home Intercom System Wireless WiFi Smart IP Video Doorbell 7 Inch with 1080P Wired Doorbell

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TMEZON Smart and Innovative IP video intercom system:

TMEZON Smart and Innovative IP video intercom system

Multiple Intercom Up to 2 doorbells can be connected with 4 indoor monitors.(The slave monitor is another model:MZ-VDP-739EM).

Dual-Way Communication between indoor monitor and outdoor camera; Call Transfer among monitors. You don’t always go downstairs open the door after install the multiple intercom.

Phone is the Key:

If you forgot your key when closed your door, use your phone to unlock. See, hear and speak to people(like courier) as if you are home, never miss any visitor.It is convenient for elder or people with reduced mobility to open the door.

Language :

It supports English, French, Germany, Italian, Spanish.

TMEZON Smart and Innovative IP video intercom system:

With the latest IP technology,when visitor press the doorbell,your phone will receive the APP notification, you can see,hear and speak to anyone at your door, even remote unlock via your smartphone in everywhere.

You can answer the door in your hand!

Automatically Snapshot/Record

When visitor press the doorbell or triggered motion detection, the camera will automatically snapshot or record and save in a additional Micro SD card.

Answer The Door In Your Hands

Get alerts on your phone when visitor press the doorbell, you can see,hear and speak to anyone at your door.

Automatic Recording

When visitors press the doorbell or motion detect is triggered, doorbell camera will automatically record videos or snapshot pictures and save them in the extra Micro SD card to protect your home everyday. (SD card needs to be purchased separately)

Motion Detect

You can set the detect area for the doorbell camera. When a motion detect is triggered,the device will start a recording or capture a picture,even though nobody press the doorbell.

Multiple-devices Connection

The monitor can connect more 3x 7’’ slave monitors(Model:MZ-VDP739EM) and 2 doorbells. All the monitors can see,hear,speak to the outdoor camera and unlock the door. Support connect additional 2x CCTV camera,2x PIR alarms,2x electronic locks,giving you more comprehensive protection for your home.

Rainproof and Night vision

IP65 waterproof design,work stable in rainy,cloudy,cold and snow day. Built with 1080p pinhole camera,anti-oxidation aluminium alloy panel,Rainproof,Dustproof,and Anti-vandal. IR LED illumination for better night vision.

12 Ring tones Optional

The indoor monitor built-in 12 ring tones. You can set different volume level for different time of the day,you can adjust the ringing time as you need.

Dual-way and call transfer

When someone press the doorbell,all the monitors will ring, you can answer and unlock the door with each monitor. All the monitors support call transfer or internal talking (audio only) between indoor monitors.

Power Supply

There is one external power supply (12V2A) in the box for the indoor monitor for base installation.If you don’t want to use the external power you can extend the electric wire to your DIN rail power supply or home power center.

About Wireless Connetion:

Wifi video intercom system does not mean you don’t need wire any cable.The monitor support WIFI network(only connect with 2.4GHZ router band), but the indoor monitor and doorbell is Wired.

About the extension wire:
The extension wires is not included in the box, there are the 4 core connectors for you connect the extension wires.You can use RVV4/Cat5/Cat6/RG59 wires to extend the monitor to doorbell, monitor to monitor according to your need, maximum distance can exceed 100m.

Package Included:

1 x 7inch color Indoor Monitor, Monitor mounting plate
1x Outdoor Doorbell Camera,mounting plate
1x Power adapter
1x 200mm 4 pin connector
1x 200mm Network Conversion with 4pin Interface
1x 200mm 2 pin connector
1x Screw Bag
1x User Manual

Buyer Questions & Answers ‎

Q: Hello, I don’t know the unlock code of the device, it’s six numbers.111111, 222222, 123456 are not correct, please let me know.
Q:Does anyone know the default pass to open the door using smartlife?

A:Hello, the initial password is 888888.

Q: Can connect to 5G wifi?
A:NO,ONLY 2.4G wifi can be used.

Q:I’m not capable. I don’t activate the wifi on the monitor
A: Hello, in this case, the wifi of the screen is not successfully connected, you need to contact the seller or technical staff, it is best to shoot a video in advance, so that we can quickly tell you the solution

Q:What kind of cable to use to connect the screen to the phone?

A:Hello, you can use the cable from our store,
which is better, or CAT5 OR CAT6, but there will be requirements for length and quality, please contact the seller for details

Q:How to connect to Tuya?
A: App connection for MZ-IP-V739B (TuyaSmart)

Q:During the process of adding a device, it shows that there is no permission to add a device, what should I do?
A: Hello, first click on the network on the screen, select the DEFAULT option, restart the screen to add the device again, if you still cannot add the device, please contact the seller

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