TMEZON video door intercom doorbell intercom system, 1080P 7 inch 1 monitor 1 camera touch button, night vision

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1.Simple operating system

Built with advanced system, OSD menu

Five operating languages (EN / DE / IT / FR / ES), eight different ring tones.

Support for viewing the snapshot and recording it directly on the monitor.

2. HD 1080P resolution

Full 1080P HD quality, more details, more truth

7 inch TFT LCD, slim design and fashionable touch button

3. Motion detection

You can set the detection area for the doorbell camera. When a motion detector is triggered, the device starts a recording or takes a picture even though nobody rings the doorbell.

4.Ringtones Optional

The indoor monitor has 12 built-in ring tones. You can set different volume levels for different times of the day and adjust the ring time as needed.

5.Via the extension cable

The monitor to monitor, the monitor to doorbell must be wired with 4 wires. We supply 1m 4-pin cable for the basic installation, we supply the 4-wire connectors so that you can connect the extension wires.

You can use RVV4 / Cat5 / Cat6 / RG59 cables to extend the distance according to your needs.

6.power supply

In the box there is an external power supply (12V2A) for the indoor monitor for the basic installation. If you don’t want to use the external power supply, you can run the power cord to your DIN rail power supply or your home power center.

7. Rain protection and night vision

P65 Rain cover, dust cover and vandalism

Pinhole camera and wide-angle camera with 1080P resolution (115 °)

Aluminum alloy antioxidant plate

Built with IR CUT and IR LEDs for better night vision

8. circuit diagram

The monitor to monitor, the monitor to doorbell must be wired with 4 wires.

We offer 1m of 4-wire cable for each doorbell for basic installation and 1.2m of external power supply for each monitor. You can extend the distance with 4-wire cable, shielded cable, CAT5 / CAT6 and RG59 cables.

9. Dual-way and call forwarding

When someone rings the doorbell, all monitors ring. You can answer and unlock the door with any monitor. All monitors support call forwarding or internal conversation between indoor monitors.

10. Video door intercom

You can see and speak to your visitors through the video door phone system when you open the door. This improves the security of your home.

11. Connection with multiple devices

The monitor can connect more 3x 7-inch slave monitors and 2 doorbells. All monitors can see, hear, talk to the outside camera and unlock the door.

Supports the connection of additional 2x CCTV cameras, 2x PIR alarms and 2x electronic locks and offers you more comprehensive protection for your home.

12. Automatic recording

When visitors press the doorbell or motion detection is triggered, the doorbell camera will automatically record videos or snapshots and save them on the additional micro SD card to protect your home every day. (SD card must be purchased separately)

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