TMEZON WiFi Video Doorphone Doorbell Intercom 7 Inch 960P WiFi Monitor with Wired Camera APP/Password/Card Swipe/Unlock Monitor

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TUYA APP TMEZON 7 Inch 960P Wireless WiFi Smart IP Video Door Phone with Wired Doorbell Camera, monitor Unlock,Code Keypad RFID

Function and Characters of IP7 home intercom system:

1.【Remote Unlock】You can answer, hear and speak to the visitor when he press the doorbell, and unlock the door both on monitor or phone APP.
2.【Compatible Locks】It can connect all the electronic locks. Up to 3 locks can be connected.
3.【Rainproof and Night vision】
4.【Multiple Intercom】Up to 2 doorbells can be connected with 4 indoor monitors. Monitors can transfer call and communicate with each other.
5. 【Connect camera】It can connect 2 cameras at the most.
6. 【Language】It supports English, French, Germany, Italian, Japanese.

Monitor Specifications:

1.Pinhole/wide angle camera
2.Anti-oxidation aluminium alloy panel
3.Simple 4-wire connection
4.IR LED illumination for better night vision
5.With ring indication when button pressed
6.Rainproof,Dustproof,and Anti-vandal

Doorbell Specifications:

1.Camera sensor: 1/4 inch pinhole CMOS camera
2.View angle:110°
3.Definition: 960P
4.LEDs for night: IR LEDs (60°)
5.Power consumption: 2W Max
6.Power supply: Supplied from indoor unit
7.Operating temp: -20℃~60℃
8.Installation: Surface /flush mount

1.Multiple-devices Connection

The monitor can connect more 5x 7’’ slave monitors and 2 doorbells 3 locks. All the monitors can see,hear,speak to the outdoor camera and unlock the door.

Support connect additional 2x CCTV camera,2x PIR alarms,2x electronic locks,giving you more comprehensive protection for your home.

2.Multiple unlocking methods

1:APP Remote Unlock
When you are upstairs, in the garden, or even when you are not home,you can unlock the electric lock door remotely for your friends and family via free APP "TUYA SAMRT", and no longer have to unlock it
beside the door.
2: MONITOR Unlock
When someone rings the doorbell at the door, you can unlock it directly through the screen, instead of running to the door to open the door. Save your time and energy, greatly facilitate your life!

3: Open Your Door With RFID
Thanks to the integrated RFID system, you can always check who is entering your house. The intercom has 2 black user marks. To open the door, simply run your RFID tag over the outdoor module. Have you lost a brand or need additional brands? You can always order new tags from the website. The parameter of the ID card is: 125KHZ, and the customer can buy another with this parameter

3.Simple operating system

Built with advanced system, OSD menu

Five operating languages (EN / DE / IT / FR / ES), eight different ring tones.

Support for viewing the snapshot and recording it directly on the monitor.

4.Dual-way and call transfer

When someone press the doorbell,all the monitors will ring, you can answer and unlock the door with each monitor. All the monitors support call transfer or internal talking (audio only) between indoor monitors.

5.Automatic Recording

When visitors press the doorbell or motion detect is triggered, doorbell camera will automatically record videos or snapshot pictures and save them in the extra Micro SD card to protect your home everyday. (SD card needs to be purchased separately)

6.Motion Detect

You can set the detect area for the doorbell camera. When a motion detect is triggered,the device will start a recording or capture a picture,even though nobody press the doorbell.

7. About the extension wire:

The extension wires is not included in the box,but we will provide the 4 core connector for you connect the extension wires.You can use RVV4/Cat5/Cat6/RG59 wires to extend the monitor to doorbell, or monitor to monitor according to your need, maximum distance can exceed 100M.

8. 110-degree wide-view monitoring

In order to meet the needs of customers, this latest intercom can achieve 110-degree wide-view monitoring

9.About Wireless Connection

Please note the wireless video intercom system does not mean you don’t need wire any cable.The indoor monitor support WIFI network (only connect with 2.4GHZ router band) , but the outdoor doorbell is Wired, it will make the power,the video work stable.

10.Ring tones Optional

The indoor monitor built-in 12 ring tones. You can set different volume level for different time of the day,you can adjust the ringing time as you need.

Package Included:

1x 7inch IP color Indoor Monitor,Monitor mounting plate
1x Power adapter
5x 200mm 4 pin connector
1x 200mm 2 pin connector
2x Screw Bag
1x User Manual

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