Wholesale 2400w 60v Dual Motor Powerful Scooter Rechargeable Foldable Electric Scooter

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Product Description:
2400w 60v Dual Motor Powerful
Rated Power 2400W !!!
Peak Power 3600W !!!
Item Number
XP-R8 Series
Motor Type
brushless Motor
Rated Power
Peak Power
Battery Capacity
Battery Charge Time
Recharge Range
Max. Speed
black, white, red
aluminum alloy
LED multi-function display
Tire Size
10 inches off road tires
LED front light + tail light + turn light
4pcs hydraulic shock absorbers
Speed Adjustment
3 changeable speed
Braking System
disc braking system
Applicable Terrain

Asphalt Pavement, Cement Pavement,

Slope 30°
36KG / 39KG
Product Size
Packing Size
Electric Scooter Introduction

10 Inches Widened

Off Road Tire
XP-R8 series model are with 10 inches off road tire, it is 6.0 widened type tire, great power for more than 30° climbing, strong sporting experience.
It suits for all terrain riding, such as highway, mountain road, buffer zone, small stone road, concrete road and so on. There are also two pieces shock absorbers at the front of scooter wheel, helping to reduce shacking while riding, going through countryside and city freely.
At the front of XP-R8 series electric scooter, there is a bright LED light, it lights up in the dark, safety riding for all users.

Aluminum Alloy Frame

One-Piece Molding

XP-R8 series electric scooter frame is made by aluminum alloy, it is done by one piece molding, not match up by pieces, more strong
frame, safety for all users.

There is a key pod in red behind of the electric scooter bar, no need to fold up electric scooter by hand any more, just step on feet, press it, electric scooter will be fold down automatic, much more simple and easier to operate.
Electric scooter is foldable, very convenient to carry into car and office. It is a good helper to avoid the traffic jam by busy time.

Foldable & Smart

Hand Bar And Display

The complete control panel is in red and black, more simple and clear outlook, easy to check the control button.

All specific like battery power and speed are showed by the display, checking the electric scooter status anytime while riding.
Scooter handles are made by non-slip and sweat proof material, great riding experience for users. There is a horn in green at the right side, prompt the front pedestrian and car to take attention.
Complete control panel can be fold up too, spending less space in room.

Widened Standing Platform

Strong Scooter Kick

XP-R8 series electric scooter is with a widened standing platform, suits for all ages all body all gender, user can exchange the feet freely during riding the scooter. Is also made by non-slip material, no worry in rainy day.

There is a foot support in red and black at the end of standing platform, user can put one foot on, it can help to reduce the human inertia when speed up. It is also more powerful for climbing when standing one foot on it.

Hydraulic  Shock  Absorbers 

Disc Braking System

For XP-R8 series scooter, there are single motor and dual motors for choice. Dual motors type is more powerful for climbing, both front and rear wheel are with a motor. Single motor type is one motor at the rear wheel only.

There are total 4PCS hydraulic shock absorbers on scooter, each wheel is with two, helping to reduce shacking while riding. Scooter is with dual braking system, stopping scooter smoothly, great riding experience. The turn light is at the side of scooter, it is very clear to see, safety for riding at day and night.

XP-R8 series electric scooter’s front bar height is adjustable, user can adjust the bar higher or shorter according own self, no
issue for 1.9M strong man riding.The seat is an option, user can choose it according to own needed.
Electric Scooter
With Seat
Without Seat
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